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September 2019 - Managing Stress; Interdisciplinary Majors; File the FAFSA as Soon After Oct. 1st as Possible; Rigor of Curriculum; Writing a Note-worthy Essay

June 2019 - Advice for New College Freshmen; Environmental Science; Financial Matters: Pre-College Legal & Financial Matters; Telling Your Story

May 2019 - Student Support Services on Campus; Computer Programming; Financial Matters: College Choices & Return on Investment

April 2019 - Waitlist Purgatory; Focus on Majors: Linguistics; Financial Aid Matters: Comparing Financial Aid Packages; Social Media and College Admissions

December 2018 - Majors, Minors, & Concentrations; Focus on Majors: Criminology; Financial Matters: Searching for Scholarships; Understanding & Using Your PSAT Report

November 2018 - Predictive Analytics & Admissions; Focus on Majors: Conflict and Peace Studies; Financial Matters: Maximizing Merit Aid; Current Trends in College Admissions

October 2018 - 7 College Admissions Blunders to Avoid; Focus on Majors: Geology; Financial Matters: The CSS Profile; Show Them Some Love

September 2018Decoding College Application Plans; Focus on Majors: Pre-Law; Financial Matters: Filling the FAFSA; "Doing" High School Well

June 2018 - Adjusting to College Life; Majoring in Landscape Architecture; Talking to Your Kids About Money; How Movies Can Help You Write Better Application Essays

May 2018 - Five Career Planning Ideas for High School Students; Majoring in Art & Design; Does Attending College Still Make Financial Sense? Summer Campus Visits  

March 2019 - The Meaning of Fit; Focus on Majors: Advertising; Financial Matters: Free Money vs Loans; Choosing Next Year’s Curriculum

February 2019 - SAT vs ACT; Majoring in Astrophysics; Tax Benefits for Education; Dare to Be Different

January 2019 - Planning for Summer in the Dead of Winter: Focus on Majors: Gerontology; Financial Matters: College Loans; How to Handle a Deferral

April 2018Facts & Myths About Liberal Arts Education; Majoring in Nutritional Sciences; Money Matters: Appealing Your Financial Aid Award; Handling Rejection - Advice for Parents

March 2018Lessons Learned by Parents about Campus Visits; Dual Degrees: 3-2 Engineering Programs; Financial Matters: The Most Generous Colleges; Maximizing Your Summer Break; Wallowing on the Waitlist

February 2018Athletic Recruiting; Majoring in Statistics/Data Science; Financial Matters: Understanding Net Price; Don't Get Caught Up in Senior Slump

January 2018Helping Your Child Succeed; Majoring in Neuroscience; Trends in Student Loans; Searching for  Performing Arts Colleges; After Your Applications Have Been Submitted