Seniors, are you wondering what you should be doing now?

You were so busy August through November.  You may have received some decisions in December from Early Action and Rolling admission schools.  Now it’s January and it seems like nothing is happening.  Don’t worry—there’s lots going on!!  For colleges, they’re busy reviewing your application materials.  You’ll notice some offices have limited staff on hand and possibly limited office hours, tours, etc. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what can YOU do?!?

You can continue keeping your grades up.  Remember, those 1st semester grades will be sent to all your schools (for Common App schools, they go as part of the mid-year report).  Be sure to check-in with your counselor at school once 1st semester grades are available, to get your transcript sent off to schools needing them.  FYI—UW and UC schools do not want them.  ALL schools will also be requesting final grades at the end of the year—it’s definitely not a time to slack off!

How do you check your application status?

Anything else you can do?

  1. Make sure your FAFSA and all financial aid forms are filed, if needed.
  2. Browse possible scholarship opportunities you could apply for on each school’s financial aid website.


Remember, no matter when you hear your admission decision, you have until MAY 1st to make a decision.  If any school is pressuring you to commit prior to May 1st, please let us know.