New SAT Scores vs. Old SAT Scores vs. ACT Scores

So many different numbers … what do they all mean?

There’s a fancy app you can download to help:

Or you can do it the old fashioned way, with these concordance tables:

You’ll see many different tables to compare numbers, but here’s all you really need:

  • For just comparing your New SAT with the ACT, use Table 7.
  • For comparing old SAT with new SAT, use Table 2* (or Table 1 if you really want to include the old writing section).

*Note that most (if not all) college and college-related websites will still be posting score ranges for the OLD SAT. However, Compass Education Group has a list of converted SAT ranges for 360 colleges and universities. For those not on this list, you will need to convert your new SAT scores to old ones using Table 2 (most score ranges are done on a 1600 scale even for the old SAT because so few schools ever used the writing section). 

IGNORE THE OTHERS! Or, if you're a numbers junkie, have fun! :)